New business of the RMVG

Recovery of metals from slag

A new business was introduced by the RMVG: Of slag and ash from waste incinerators, metals are recovered and then the metals are feed again to the circle of materials.

The aim of this new business is the raw material recovery from different waste (p.ex. of residues). The extracted metals of the slag should be returned to the circle of materials.

Earlier, metal pieces were deposited together with the slag. After some time, the cognition came, that a very valuable resource is lost in this way. Various processes and techniques have been developed to establish the recovery of recyclable fractions as an environmentally friendly method. This method brings a number of advantages: On the one hand, the primary raw materials are conserved by the production of secondary raw materials. For example, the production of primary aluminium is still happening over bauxite-alumina and electrolyses track, which is very energy-consuming, but the use of secondary aluminium can save 90 % of energy. On the other hand, the greenhouse gases are substantially reduced, which influences the greenhouse effect positively and the landfill volume is conserved by the recovery of recyclable fractions of incinerators. But first and foremost, this process should be an essential contribution to the climate and to the environmental protection.

As demand of secondary raw materials has risen highly, the necessary plants have been built, that can produce charge materials for further metal processing facilities. On the landfill of the RMVG there is such a plant, which consists of different separation units.

The waste is undergoing a rust firing or a special fluidized bed process and the produced ashes and slags can be further processed at the plant of the RMVG.

The non-ferrous metals can be recovered from the slag by so-called eddy current separators. The sorting is supported by a sensor, which allows a deeper preparation.

The plant operates fully automatically, in one shift and is obviously on the current state-of-the-art. The RMVG has all the legal approvals which are needed, to supervise such a plant.

This new business of the RMVG brings additional receipts, new customers, more contacts and achieve a clear distinction of the competition. The areas of the landfill and the stabilization should also be encouraged. Customers are offered new possibilities to recycle waste in an environmentally conscious and correct way.

As the access to raw materials gets more difficult und the prices for raw material increase, the RMVG sets with this mobile preparation plant an essential step in the direction of feedstock industry and recycling economy. An electronic weighing system presents immediately new statistics and impacts on the recovery, so it is always up to date.

The plant is prosecuted during the snow-free time and the plant is designed, that a quick adaption to the different waste streams can be done in a very short time. This allows to ignite recyclable fractions immediately from smaller subsets of the different plants or customers and to return them into the circle of materials.

Challenges have never been shied at the Erzberg, and so this unique plant was finally realized with a lot of pioneering spirit in the development and after numerous trial and test runs.

Responsible for this new business is Gernot Völkl.